Information and Decision Sciences Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of Information and Decision Science courses offered within the College of Business:

IDS 110 - Business Spreadsheet Applications - Cr. 1 - An introduction to using spreadsheets as decision support system generators in order to create specific applications such as templates and what-if scenarios. Emphasis is on user interface, macro development, and forms coupled with business functions. Prerequisite: MATH 110 or placement higher than MATH 110 on the math placement exam.

IDS 111 - Business Applications Programming - Cr. 1 - An introduction to programming business applications using spreadsheets and application development languages. Emphasis is upon structured programming using sequence, selection, and iteration constructs in an object-oriented environment. Offered in the fall semester. Prerequisite: IDS 110 or CS 157.

IDS 205 - Business Statistics - Cr. 3 - A course in the elements of statistical inference and the application of statistical methods to business problems. Content includes probability, probability distributions, descriptive statistics, sampling distributions, parameter estimation, hypotheses tests, and simple regression. Prerequisite: MATH 122 or 124 or 131.

IDS 290/390/490 - Topics in Information and Decision Sciences - Cr. 1-3 - A detailed examination of selected topics pertinent to the field of information and decision sciences to be offered when sufficient interest and staffing are available. Prerequisites will vary depending on topics being covered.

IDS 305 - Production-Operations Management - Cr. 3 - A study of operations of manufacturing and service organizations and the corresponding requirements placed upon management. Content includes forecasting, regression, inventory management, MRP, capacity planning, transportation, facility location and layout, quality, reliability, project management, and scheduling. It includes the use of management science techniques and computer applications in the decision making process. Prerequisites: one of MATH 122 or 131 and one of MATH 124 or 132; and completion of or concurrent enrollment in IDS 205 or MATH 234 or MATH 264.

IDS 310 - E-Commerce and E-Business Technology - Cr. 3 - Also offered as CS 210 and LS 570 - This course offers an overview of potentials, policies, politics, possibilities, and pitfalls of the ebusiness technologies of intranets, extranets, enterprise resource planning, electronic commerce (conducting business online) and electronic business (using information technology to manage the supply-chain), including hardware and software applications required for both. Offered in the summer term. Prerequisite: junior standing.

IDS 320 - Management Science - Cr. 3 - A study of fundamentals of management science techniques in decision-making process. The emphasis is on model building, problem formulation and solution using linear programming, transportation, multi-criteria and network flow models, queuing theory, simulation, dynamic programming, and Markov processes. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: one of IDS 205, MATH 140, MATH 234, MATH 240, MATH 264, or PSY 201.

IDS 340 - Statistics for Decision Making - Cr. 3 - Also offered as MATH 340 - A study of statistical concepts and methods to facilitate decision making. Content includes analysis of variance, simple and multiple regression, correlation, time-series analysis, and nonparametric methods. Prerequisite: one of IDS 205, MATH 140, MATH 240, PSY 201, CE 202 or completion of or concurrent enrollment in ECE 365. Not open to students who have completed MATH 340/540.

IDS 410 - Management Information Systems - Cr. 3 - Study of the concepts and application of information systems to managerial decision making. It includes topics such as systems theory, data base concepts, data analysis and management, managerial interfaces and control. Prerequisites: IDS 205 and completion of or concurrent enrollment in FIN 304, IDS 305, MGT 304, MKT 304.

IDS 420 - Database Management and Decision Support Systems - Cr. 3 - Study of computer-based information systems that offer data, decision, and executive support for management decision making. It includes topics such as developing and building database management systems, decision support systems, and expert system; various methods of knowledge acquisition and representation; methods of inference, including forward and backward chaining, as they relate to business oriented systems; and the user interface. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: IDS 205 or MATH 240.

IDS 430 - Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management - Cr. 3 - This course examines issues and methods for effectively managing global operations and supply chain. Topics include the role of operations in global business strategy, supply
chain optimization, advantages and disadvantages of different types of operations around the world. The course also covers location and coordination of international facilities, developing and maintaining an effective global supply chain, the role of e-commerce, outsourcing, data mining, transportation, ERP and ISO in a global environment. Offered in the fall term. Prerequisites: IDS 205 or MATH 234 or MATH 240 and completion of or concurrent enrollment in IDS 305.

IDS 495 - Independent Study in Information and Decision Sciences - Cr. 1-3 - An independent research effort that requires approval of a research proposal by a member of the college faculty and the Dean. May not be used as a substitute for a course which covers the proposed research area. Prerequisites: approved research proposal and permission of the Dean.