International Business

International StudentsA combination of focused coursework with language study and an international study experience are features of the International Business major. Students spend at least one semester in an international location where they live, study, and work. Your international experience may come via Valpo’s study centers in Cambridge, England; Reutlingen, Germany; Hangzhou, China; Puebla, Mexico; or in France, Japan or a variety of other global locales.

Courses Required for a Major in International Business include:

  • FIN 430 - International Finance - 3cr.
  • MKT 430 - International Marketing - 3cr.
  • MGT 440 - Cross-Cultural Management -3cr.
  • MGT 471 - International Business Environment and Global Strategy - 3cr.
  • ECON 326 or ECON 336 - International Economics or Economics of Developing Nations - 3cr.

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