Marketing Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of Marketing courses offered within the College of Business:

MKT 290/390/490 - Topics in Marketing - Cr. 1-3 - A detailed examination of selected topics pertinent to the field of marketing to be offered when sufficient interest and staffing are available. Prerequisites will vary depending on topics being covered.

MKT 304 - Marketing Management - Cr. 3 - Emphasis is placed on the ethical application of marketing concepts, theories and principles which relate to product policy, promotional mix decisions, distribution and logistical planning and pricing. The international business environment, including social, cultural, economic, political-legal, competitive and technological variables, is studied and compared with American markets. The areas of buyer analysis, the utilization of marketing information systems, and market planning and analysis are also stressed. Prerequisites: ACC 205, ECON 221, and completion of at least 48 credit hours.

MKT 310 - Marketing Research - Cr. 3 - A course designed to introduce the marketing student to the areas of marketing research and marketing information systems. Coverage of marketing information system design and the marketing research process, including: research design and sources of information, data collection methods, sampling procedures, data analysis and interpretation, and the formal research report. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: MKT 304 and completion or concurrent enrollment in
IDS 340.

MKT 320 - Sales Management - Cr. 3 - A study of the managerial functions of professional selling to the industrial or organizational buyer. An overview of organizational, economic, and psychological influences on the organization’s buying decisions. Emphasis on field and territorial management, recruitment and training of the sales force, sales forecasting techniques, routing, and personal selling principles. Offered in the fall term. Prerequisites: MKT 304 and completion or concurrent enrollment in IDS 340.

MKT 330 - Buyer Behavior - Cr. 3 - An analysis of the psychological, social and economic influences which affect attitude formation and decision-making processes of consumers. An overview of the research methods used for determining  characteristics of buyers is included. Offered in the fall term. Prerequisite: MKT 304.

MKT 361 - Retailing - Cr. 3 - A study of the contemporary environment of the retailing industry with emphasis on techniques utilized in store location, merchandising, promotion and control. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: junior standing and MKT 304.

MKT 362 - Advertising - Cr. 3 - An introductory level course taught from a marketing perspective. The areas of market analysis, campaign planning and strategy, media selection and design of advertisements are emphasized. The legal environment of advertising and the role of the different service institutions, such as advertising agencies, also are covered. Offered in the fall term. Prerequisites: junior standing and MKT 304.

MKT 430 - International Marketing - Cr. 3 - A study of managerial marketing policies and practices of organizations marketing their products and services in foreign countries. Specific stress will be placed on the relationship between marketing strategy, market structure, and environment. Prerequisite: MKT 304.

MKT 470 - Marketing Strategy and Policy - Cr. 3 - Capstone marketing course primarily for students with a concentration in Marketing. It is taught from a marketing management perspective involving case analysis of product policy, pricing, distribution and promotional mix. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: senior standing, MKT 304 and two of the following: IDS 340, MKT 310, MKT 320, MKT 330, MKT 430.

MKT 495 - Independent Study in Marketing - Cr. 1-3 - An independent research effort. It requires approval of a research proposal by a member of the college faculty and the Dean. May not be used as a substitute for a course which covers the proposed research area. Prerequisites: approved research proposal and permission of the Dean.