This certificate program is designed to provide business students with the needed knowledge to be able to converse in Spanish with business people who are from Hispanic backgrounds. The special feature of this program is a course that will prepare students for potential business situations they might encounter with Hispanic customers, employees, and managers.


Admission to one of the following programs is required prior to declaring this certificate: all Business Administration majors and minors (including the Fundamentals of Business Minor), International Economics and Cultural Affairs majors, Economics majors and minors, Actuarial Science majors or minors, Sports Management majors, and Music Industry majors. A minimum of 14 credit hours is required to complete this certificate.

Required Courses

FLS 204Spanish Composition and Conversation
FLS 306 Contemporary Hispanic Society through Communication
4 Cr.
One of the following:
FLS 230 Spanish Civilization
FLS 231 Spanish-American Civilization
 4 Cr.
FLS 307 Professional Spanish  3 Cr.
MGT 335 Spanish Communication in Business Transactions  3 Cr.

A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required in the certificate with no less than a grade of B- in any of the courses. Although not required, candidates for this certificate are strongly encouraged to participate in the University’s study abroad centers in Granada, Spain and/or Pueblo, Mexico or to seek an equivalent learning experience pre-approved by the College of Business Administration in another Spanish speaking country. Candidates for the certificate must complete at least one-half of the credits, including MGT 335, at Valparaiso University. There cannot be more than a two-course overlap with any other major or minor to earn the certificate.