Church Vocations Symposium
Church Vocations Symposium encourages students interested in different church vocations to interact with one another over a meal and discussion in Huegli Hall on Tuesdays.  Presentations may include a professor reflecting on the relationship of his or her field of study and theology; missionaries; pastors and other church workers describing their work and their call to ministry or guest speakers on topics relating to contemporary ministry in the church today.

Text studies are led by the Chapel preacher for the following Sunday unless a special event pre-empts the study.

If you're not on the "Church Voc" e-mail list and would like to be, send an e-mail to and we'll add you to the list (limited to VU students, faculty and staff).


To view the YouTube video from the November 18, 2010 TGIT Dinner, please click here:


Church Vocations Symposium

Fall 2011 Calendar


DATE                 EVENT                                                            TOPIC/SPEAKER          
8/23 Classes Begin - No Symposium


8/30 Symposium 1:
Dr. David Weber:
Academics and the Christian Life.
9/6 Text Study



9/13 Symposium 2:

Rev. Bill Wrede:
A 9/11 Chaplain.

9/20 Mentoring


9/25 Sunday

Dr. David Weber's Home
Time TBA

9/27 Symposium 3:

Rev. Susan Briehl:
The art of preaching.

10/4 Symposium 4:

Sara R. Danger, Asst. Professor of English, Valparaiso University
Introducing Gerard Manley Hopkins

10/11 Text Study


8:00 p.m.
Symposium 5:
Mark Noll, Professor of History, Notre Dame
Gross Lectures in Theology
Oct.17 - King James Bible in Early Modern Context
Oct. 18 - The King James Bible in the Shape of American Culture
10/21-22 Church Vocations Retreat

Pastor Brian T. Johnson,
Executive Director of Campus Ministries, Valparaiso University


10/25 No Symposium


11/1 Symposium 6:
Dr. David Simpson:
What Hath Psychology to do with Theology?
11/8 TGIT Prep



11/17 TGIT Event
12/6 TGIT Post mortem