Calling Christian Campus Leaders

Do you hold or aspire to leadership in a campus Christian organization? Do you aspire to be a Christian leader? Do you want to learn more about leadership and put it into practice?

A new living and learning community will be available in the residence halls beginning Fall 2009, called “Christian Servant Leadership.”

VU is blessed with a diversity of Christian organizations and each has something unique to offer the others.  So, a wing of a residence hall will be reserved for a group of student leaders who want to learn from each other, and through readings and practice, how to be a Christian leader.  By committing to learning from each other, sharing learnings beyond the group and establishing a community based on common leadership interests and prayer, this community will serve as a place where Christian community, in its diversity, can be celebrated.

While building bridges among campus ministries the community would also offer student leaders a context of support and nurture outside of the groups which they serve.  It would also improve the quality and efficacy of Christian outreach and discipleship on campus.

Commitment to common prayer, leadership discussions, seminars and sharing of information will be the responsibilities expected of community members.  It is hoped that leaders from such organizations as Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, St. Teresa’ s, Church Vocations, Campus Crusade, the Gospel Choir, the Chapel and other campus Christian  organizations would participate.

Interested? Email Pastor to indicate your interest or for more information.