When to Contact a Campus Pastor

The University pastors are pastors who have many years of pastoral care experience.  They are ready to serve the needs of students, faculty and staff, especially when issues of faith, relationships, or vocation may arise. The campus pastoral staff also works closely with the counseling department.

Faith Choices
With all of its choices, the freedom and rigor of academic life can be overwhelming. Contact one of the University pastors when you face intellectual challenges of faith, or when you are prompted to examine your own beliefs.  You can expect an environment of openness to questions of inquiry as faith issues are discussed.

When you are lonely for home, having difficulty finding community, facing a problem in a relationship, or are grieving the end of a meaningful relationship, the University pastors can be a valuable source of support.

Need to Talk?
Anxiety and stress abound at college -- worrying about grades, conflicts with roommates or friends, concerns about family, questions about sexuality or sexual orientation, unplanned pregnancy --just talking to one of the pastors can make a difference.  They are available to help, not to judge -- to offer a listening ear and an open heart. 

Questions About Where or How to Worship
If you are looking for a place other than the Chapel to worship, a fellowship group, or a religious study group, one of the pastors can help you find a place for you to grow in your spirituality.

When You Are Ill
The opportunity for a pastoral visit, for prayer, and for a service of healing can be a powerful consolation when you are ill. If there is a possibility that you are seriously ill, or that someone you know is, talking to a confidential, knowledgeable, and compassionate pastor or one of their assistants can be of great help.

Death and Dying
Contact a University pastor if you are troubled by the death of a friend, a parent, or other family member, or if someone you know is grieving. Issues of death and dying are challenging sources of sorrow.

Questions of Morality and Ethics
How do you choose between right and wrong? Facing complex ethical issues in the context of your personal and professional life continues throughout your life. A University pastor can help you look objectively at your moral choices.

Vocation Decisions
The decision to live a Christian life involves both the work we do (our careers) and our life-style (married, single, as a professional church worker, or as a member of a religious order). There are also volunteer opportunities, through the Chapel's social ministry, which will allow you to explore the meaning of faith by serving others.

New for Fall 2013: The pastors are generating a list of FAQs - frequently asked questions - that first-year students often ask about. Take a look.