World Relief Campaign

Our 2012 Campaign

Applications are now being accepted until Oct. 28, 2011 for the 2012 World Relief Campaign.


Questions may be directed to:

Krista Schaefer, WRC Chair,


Every year, the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) of the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University selects one project for which to raise money. This year the target goal for SALT’s campaign is $14,000.


Why do a World Relief Campaign?

The Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) is the Spirit-led social
justice ministry of the Chapel of the Resurrection in which students in
community seek to embody the Christian call to be the ‘salt of the earth’
(Matt. 5:13). Taking seriously this call, SALT students develop and
practice a Christian theology of social action, and raise awareness and
encourage a Christian response to social justice issues.

As an essential part of this mission, SALT partners with both
international and local communities in order to address critical needs
within those areas. Every year for the past two decades, SALT has
selected a specific project in need of funding and organized a
fund-raising campaign around it known as the World Relief Campaign
(WRC). These projects may vary greatly in location and type but
consistently offer a sustainable asset to the selected community. Once
the project and target monetary goal are established, SALT works to
educate and organize the campus and the city in order to both increase
awareness of the need within that region and raise funds. Begun and
completed during each spring semester, the World Relief Campaign is a
fast-paced and large-scale fundraising drive.

Previous Years

In addition to the help SALT members provide locally, SALT has been helping people around the globe for years with the World Relief Campaign!

2011 project, "KuJenga: Building Minds One Block at a Time," a project to build a pre-primary school room in Tanzania

2010 project, "Casas for Kids: From House to Hope," to build a foster house for children in the village of Los Angeles on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

2009 project, "Shui 2 Go: Pipeline to the People" was a project to bring clean water to the rural Yunnan Province of China.

2008 project, Child Creativity Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, EdJakarta, Imagination in Session

2007, Uganda, Mission Nutrion, nutrition program

2006, Haiti, Operation Haiti health care clinic

2005, Malawi, Peanut Butter Project

2004, Crow Creek, South Dakato, Book It to Crow Creek

2003, Bethlehem, Beds for Orphanages

2002, Kenya, AIDS/HIV treatment for children

2001, Costa Rica, Purchase of land for refugees

2000, Brazil, Refrigerated storage unit

1999, India, Water storage system

1998, Mexico, Women's empowerment conferences

1997, Rwanda, Books

1996, El Salvador, Emergency medical care

1995, Pine Ridge, Child Care Playground

1994, Croatia, Women's Center

1993, Zimbabwe, Youth Industry

1992, Haiti, Electrical Power