Morning Prayer 2011-12

Morning Prayer 2011-12:

Click on links below to hear audio from many of the 2011-12 speakers. Some audio is not available.

Living Easter beyond Valpo: Senior speaker series

As we head toward the end of the school year, we’ll be hearing from more seniors at Morning Prayer with a speaker series called "Living Easter beyond Valpo." Our speakers for the coming weeks are:

On Reading Day, May 9, the Chapel will have a reception after Morning Prayer at 11:15 a.m. to thank everyone who has been a part of Morning Prayer this semester, and to recognize graduating seniors  who have been on the Chapel staff this year. Please be sure to join us that day. Morning Prayer then moves to 10 a.m. for Finals Week. 


Morning Prayer the first week of Easter

Have you ever wanted to know more about the beautiful stained glass windows of the Chapel? Join us for Morning Prayer April 9-13 when speakers from the theology and art departments will share with us about the Creation, Redemption and Sanctification windows and about the Christus Rex. We will be worshiping at the east end of the building all week. Morning Prayer begins at 11:15 a.m. and is 20 minutes. 

Speakers are:

  • April 9 - Dick Brauer, Associate Professor Emeritus of Art - Creation Window
  • April 10 - Fred Niedner, Professor of Theology - Redeemer Window
  • April 11 - Matins service
  • April 12 - Gregg Herzleib, Director of the Brauer Museum of Art - Sanctification Window
  • April 13 - Sarah Jantzi, Assistant Professor of Art (with Praise Band) - Christus Rex


Morning Prayer during Holy Week:

  • Monday-Wednesday, April 2-4 "Morning Prayer during Holy Week"
  • Thursday, April 5 - Service of footwashing - Diane Marten

What's Your Part? A Lenten speaker series

While many Christians practice “giving up” something for Lent, this year at the Chapel our focus is on Lent as a time of service and renewal. At Morning Prayer, we will begin a speaker series called “What’s your part?” on Friday Feb. 24th. You can hear speakers on Tuesdays and Fridays. Speakers planned are:

  • Feb. 24 - Rev. Charlene Cox
  • Feb. 28 - Nicole Wilkin (SALT)
  • March 2 - Dr. Amy Cory
  • March 20 - Dr. Christopher Cock
  • March 23 - Jake Halpin
  • March 27 - Marcy DeVries
  • March 30 - Allison Cath


Stories of the Church around the globe:
Our focus for Morning Prayer in Epiphany

The Christian church is growing with great rapidity in the southern hemisphere and the Pacific rim. We have the opportunity to connect with other Christians in prayer and song and to learn from them and their expressions of faith. 

A new prayer service on Thursday mornings at the Chapel seeks to build on that opportunity. As we pray and sing we also commit to becoming better informed about these churches and how we can live together as the body of Christ through mutual work. Twice each week (Tuesdays and Fridays) we will focus on different regional churches and their current situation, hearing stories from the people in our own campus community who have spent time in these areas of the globe: 
  • Jan. 17 - Rev. James Wetzstein
  • Jan. 20 - Laurie Kenyon
  • Jan. 24 - Dr. Christoffer H. Grundmann
  • Jan. 27 - Megan Robbins, speaking about her experience in Guatemala
  • Jan. 31 - Rev. Bill Wrede, from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, speaking about ministry to the hearing impaired
  • Feb. 7 - Dr. Chuck Schaefer, Chair of the Department of International Studies and Chair of the International Service Program
  • Feb. 10 - Deac student Erica Wickstrom
  • Feb. 14 - Stacy Hoult-Saros
  • Feb. 17 - Pete Johnson
  • Feb. 21 - Rev. Brian Johnson, the Taize community


The Stories Behind the Music of Advent

Come hear the background of some of the music of Advent, as part of Morning Prayer beginning Nov. 28. (Click on the links to either hear or read each speaker's comments.)

A variety of campus speakers will speak briefly about hymns such as "Lo! He comes with Clouds Descending" and "Unexpected and Mysterious." Just prior to Morning Prayer from Nov. 28 through Dec. 9th, musicians from across campus will provide special music for the season, an event known as Music Under the Gallery.

Speakers at Morning Prayer will be:

  • Mon., Nov. 28          Rev. Brian Johnson, Executive Director of Campus Ministries
  • Tues., Nov. 29           Dr. Fred Niedner, Professor of Theology
  • Wed., Nov. 30            Maura CockLecturer in Music
  • Thurs., Dec. 1            Colleen DegenIntervarsity Christian Fellowship staff member
  • Friday, Dec. 2            Dr. Dennis Friesen-CarperReddel Professor of Music 
  • Mon., Dec. 5               Rev. James WetzsteinUniversity Pastor
  • Tues., Dec. 6             Rev. Charlene CoxUniversity Pastor
  • Wed., Dec. 7              Dr. Joseph BognarChair, Department of Music; Associate Professor of Music

Morning Prayer speakers in Fall 2011-12:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 30 - Rev. Brian Johnson, Executive Director of Campus Ministries
  • Friday, Sept. 2 - Alissa Kretzmann, Senior, Chair of the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 6 - Dr. Fred Niedner, Professor of Theology
  • Friday, Sept. 9 - Jim Sarkisian ('VU 80), President of the Valparaiso Community School Board
  • Tuesday, Sept. 13 - Dr. John Ruff, director of the Valpo CORE program
  • Friday, Sept. 16 - John DeWyze, St. Teresa's
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20 - Dr. Carolyn Leeb, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology
  • Friday, Sept. 23 - Richard Brauer, associate professor emeritus of art
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27 - Dr. Kraig Olejniczak, Dean of the College of Engineering
  • Friday, Sept. 30 - John Webster, senior
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4 - Dr. Julien Smith, Christ College
  • Friday, Oct. 7 - Erin Moeller, senior
  • Tuesday, Oct. 11 - Dr. Matt Ringenberg, Social Work 
  • Tuesday, Oct. 18 - Dr. Sam Graber, English
  • Friday, Oct. 21 - Austin Hill, senior, Theology major, Praise Band leader
  • Tuesday, Oct. 25 - Dedication of sculpture in memory of Rev. Darlene Grega
  • Friday, Oct. 28 - Katie Mattmiller 
  • Tuesday, Nov. 1 - Rev. James Wetzstein
  • Friday, Nov. 5 - Jacob Just, senior
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8 - Keith Freeman
  • Friday, Nov. 11 - Krista Schaefer
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15 - Dr. Mark Bartusch
  • Friday, Nov. 18 - Dr. David Western


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