Welcome to Worship at the Chapel

Worship here at the Chapel of the Resurrection draws upon the gifts of Christians from across the centuries and around the world. Students, pastors, and other members of the University community bring their best as an offering to shape each worship service through music and art, proclamation and prayer.

When we gather for worship in this place, everyone present is a precious part of the whole.

If worship at the Chapel is different from what you are used to, please listen again. It may not be as strange as it first appears. You will hear God’s Word. You will share Christ’s Holy Supper. You will be sent out into the world to love and serve God and your neighbor.

If you are new to Christian worship, don’t worry. Much of what we do may seem mysterious—and, in the Mystery of God, it is. If you listen carefully you will also notice some things that are down-to-earth: a Gathering, a Story, a Meal, a Mission. The Chapel staff is eager to answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to open your mind and your senses to what you will encounter here! May your participation in services here at the Chapel allow you to meet the Risen Lord and renew you for faithfulness in your day-to-day life.