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The Chemistry Department faculty at Valparaiso University has a strong history of helping students achieve their educational goals by guiding students through a challenging curriculum, valuable research experiences, and close interaction with faculty. Please read on to find out more details about the chemistry major at Valpo.


Information for current students including information about the chemistry major, summer internships, and other departmental information.

Chemistry Lab Research is a critical educational component of an undergraduate chemistry degree.  Ongoing research projects include the investigation of gas-sensing heme proteins, small molecule organic synthesis, synthesis of microporous materials used to filter H2, investigations of metal-reducing microbes, extraction of oil from Canadian tar sand, and environmental water quality testing.

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Ozone molecule

A degree in chemistry allows students to explore a wide variety of career options. Most of our graduates successfully pursue professional careers after graduation, work in industrial or pharmecutical settings, or continue their education in graduate school; however, there are many, many other possible careers for chemists.  

Chem in the Schools The Chemistry Club at Valparaiso University is a student organization focused on enhancing the overall experience of chemistry students through a variety of activities. Academic-related activities include introducing chemical principles to local 5th graders using exciting chemical demonstrations, purchasing and distributing course study guides and laboratory safety supplies to students, and organizing trips to visit local graduate schools. Social activities like the Regressive Dinner, Mole Day party, Neils All-Nighter and picnics are always a lot of fun and help to build relationships among the students and faculty.


Valpo chemistry alumni hold positions in nearly every field of chemistry and in many other related fields. Valpo alumni are CEO's, medical doctors, professors, forensic scientists, pharmaceutical researchers, patent lawyers, congressional assistants, government scientists, and the list goes on and on. Find out what chemistry alumni are doing, their advice for chemistry majors, and life after Valpo.