Research projects include the investigation of gas-sensing heme proteins, small molecule organic synthesis, synthesis of microporous materials used to filter H2, investigations of metal-reducing microbes, extraction of oil from Canadian tar sand, and environmental water quality testing.

Each member of the faculty has an ongoing research program. Valpo students are actively involved in these research projects.

  • Robert W. Clark - Spectroscopic and biochemical studies to investigate structure/function relationships in gas-sensing heme proteins
  • A. Gilbert Cook - Physical and synthetic organic chemistry, especially enamines, amines, and organophosphorus compounds
  • Steven C. Engerer - Synthetic organometallic chemistry, especially transition metal carbonyl compounds with amines or with alkenes or other pi-donor ligands
  • Thomas E. Goyne - The role of chloramines and other reactive oxidants in killing of microbes by neutrophils
  • Kevin L. Jantzi - Use of Palladium catalysts to generate small, highly functionalized rings
  • Warren M. Kosman - Ab initio calculations of atoms and small molecules. Molecular spectroscopy, reaction kinetics, and electrochemistry
  • Jonathan K. Schoer - Interfacial, surface, thin-film, and membrane chemistry and phenomena. Analytical aspects of environmental issues