summer Course 2008

Summer Courses In Hangzhou

Each summer and parallel to VU's summer session I, two or more summer courses will be offered in Hangzhou, China. These courses are taught by VU professors. These courses will use China as a case study from a chosen disciplinary perspective (e.g., biology, business, etc.) to help illustrate broad themes that can be applied to various fields offered at VU. Students enrolled in these courses will be encouraged to interact with local population. Interested students can take one or several such courses at the same time. Some of the courses meet VU's general education or program requirements. All of them carry full VU credits. These courses are open to VU and non-VU students with all majors. Students are responsible for tuition, international travel, visa fee, and a small China Center fee. The local accommodations including room and board and local travel are provided by the China Center. These courses are great opportunities for students to start approaching a different culture while taking VU credits during the summer.