Faculty Profile

Jennifer Prough, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Mueller Hall 126


Ms Prough received her BA from Valparaiso University, MAs from the University of Chicago (social sciences) and the New School for Social Research (gender studies and feminist theory), and her PhD from Duke University in cultural anthropology. Her research interests are in the anthropology of media, Japanese studies, gender studies, and issues of globalization. Besides the CC Freshman Program, she teaches seminars on East Asian media and culture and Japanese Visual Cultures in the Chinese/Japanese Studies program, and anthropology in the Department of Sociology. Ms Prough is currently working on a book manuscript on the production of shojo manga (girls' comics) in contemporary Japan.


Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology - Duke University 
M.A. in Social Sciences - University of Chicago 
M.A. in Gender Studies and Feminist Theory - New School for Social Research 
B.A. - Valparaiso University 

Research Interests

Japanese Culture in Visual Media
The study of visual culture brings together the high and the low, Art and popular culture, museums and everyday life. This webpage is designed to help us examine the context and content, the lived practice and historical memory of Japanese visual culture, complimenting the five themes this class is framed around--geisha, samurai, theater, Zen and Architecture, contemporary popular culture and art. http://www.valpo.edu/class/2006fa-cc-325-dx/