Fall Hangzhou Study Program

Fall Hangzhou Study Program

Since 1990, VU has set up a study center at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Each fall, a VU professor or a professor from members of the Lutheran College China Consortium will serve as resident director and lead a group of undergraduate students to study at ZU for a semester. So far, a total of 147 students have participated in the program. While in Hangzhou, students take up to 10 credits in Chinese at a level compatible to their language skills, a required course on Chinese culture and civilization taught by the resident director and have option to take a topic class offered by the resident director, a research project with a professor back on campus or complete an internship at a local institution. The group normally travels to two “must-sees” in China, Beijing, the current capital, and Xi’an, the ancient capital of China. In addition, students will have plenty of opportunities to travel on their own or with the group.

In fall 2009, three VU students and two students from Luther College participated in the Fall Hangzhou Study Program. Professor George Heider (Theology) served as the resident director. These photos were taken from their recent trip to China. VU alumna, Yuhui Zhao (ICP, 09’) helped with the group’s tour in Beijing.

If you are interested in participating in the 2010 Fall Hangzhou Study Program, please contact Julie Maddox, director of Study Abroad Program at 219-464-5333 or Julie.maddox@valpo.edu.

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