2011 Aid For Japan

Aid for Japan Raised More than $3,600!

Members of the Japanese club working with Rumi Mitsubayashi, our Japan Outreach Coordinator, members of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association, majors in Chinese and Japanese Studies, members of the Master of Arts in Chinese Studies Program, members of VISA, members of SALT, staff of Chapel, staff of VUCA, and a number of faculty especially Dr. Prough have raised a total of $3,631.14 as part of the Aid for Japan Fund-raise campaign as of March 25, 2011. The donated funds will be given to Red Cross and Lutheran World Relief. Online donation for Japan is ongoing.

The online donation can be accessed by clicking here.

The following students contributed in particular to the Aid for Japan fund-raise:

Adam Raynor, Yoshika Iwasaki, Olivia Medrano, Joseph Zandstra, Lindsey Skala, Brittany Partin, Breanna Huston, Britt Byers, Kirsten Eid, Kaori Naka, Lauren Prusinski, Emily Wambach, Tim Young, Rachel Blane, Chuchu Wang, Yuan Pan, Ming Yang, Weimin Tsai, Di Geng.


The Japanese Club, with the help of the Chinese and Japanese Studies Program, VISA and SALT, is collecting donations for disaster relief after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Donations will be split 50/50 between the Red Cross and Lutheran World Relief.  

For more information, please contact Japanese Club President Adam Raynor (adam.raynor@valpo.edu), Japan Outreach Coordinator Rumi Mitsubayashi (rumi.mitsubayashi@valpo.edu), or Jennifer Prough at jeni.prough@valpo.edu (Christ College/CJSP).