Louie Trey Clark

I had the wonderful opportunity after high school to live in Taipei Taiwan for two years as a missionary representative for the LDS Church. It was during that time when I fell in love with the Chinese language, culture and people. Upon returning home from Taiwan in late 2004, I enrolled at Brigham Young University and majored in Mandarin Chinese. I went to school year round and graduated from BYU in 2007. Upon graduation I accepted a job to start a Chinese program at a all-boys prep school in Chattanooga Tennessee. After teaching and coaching for a year, I handed my Chinese teaching job off to another Valpo MACS student and I enrolled at Valpo full time just this past summer (2008). I've loved everything about my experience at Valpo so far. They pride themselves on academic rigor and flexibility. Not only am I pursuing my Master's of Chinese Studies, but I'm also pursuing my MBA and all the while playing on the Valpo football team.

I've been married for over three years now and my wife and I have a beautiful baby girl who is one year old.