MACS Curriculum (Full-time Track)

Core Requirements 

37 credits 

 CHST 531  Contemporary Chinese in Mass Media I

 4 cr

 CHST 532  Contemporary Chinese in Mass Media II

 4 cr

 CHST 590/690  Topics in Chinese Studies

 9 cr

 CHST 607  Intensified Fourth Year Chinese I

 5 cr

 CHST 608  Intensified Fourth Year Chinese II

 5 cr

 CHST 686  Internship in China

 0-3 cr

 CHST 695  Supervised Readings & Research in Chinese Studies

 1-3 cr

 CHST 696  Seminar in Chinese Studies I

 0.5 cr

 CHST 697  Seminar in Chinese Studies II

 0.5 cr

In addition, students may select up to 6 credits of graduate level coursework related to their academic discipline or interests (e.g., economics, psychology, political science, international commerce, history, English, law, etc.), if courses are available and prerequisites are met.
Sample CHST topics courses include: Classic Chinese Novels, Public Policy in China, China and West, Media & Cultures in East Asia, Chinese Cities in Literature and Film, Shan-Shui in Chinese Art, Pol & Relil, Christianity in China, Past & Present, among others.