Job Opportunities
Various job opportunities await those who graduate from our program. Check back periodically as we continue to update avaialable jobs!

Confuway Law Firm (Hangzhou, see

Confuway Law Firm is looking for an English or Japanese native speaker (or with professional-level writing skills in either language and at least 1 year working abroad experience) with nearly fluent Chinese (Candidate should be able to quickly read a Chinese newspaper without the help of a dictionary). Solid understanding of management, marketing, and finance preferred, though not required. Translating (from Chinese to English or Japanese) and interpreting would be part of the job, though probably not more than 40%. Eventually, we want this person to be able to write legal English. Other main duties would probably include communications with all non-Chinese contacts, reviewing and possibly editing business plans, creating all English marketing materials, "selling" the law firm and its client's desires (IPO aspirations, capital-raising projects) to overseas contacts by summarizing business plans; finding new overseas contacts in banking, law, and whatever else the boss wants.

The candidate will have the opportunity to learn a lot and potential to develop is very high. You will get to work with high level businessmen and lawyers from all over the world (top invesment bankers, venture capitalist and other private equity people, and international lawyers), so the job is also a great networking opportunity. Pay will be fairly decent - 1st year more than 4000 RMB/month plus living accomodations. Pay will likely double or more the second year.

Confuway is a commercial law firm run very much like a business. This position will deal mostly with business and seldom with law. Work can be fast-paced and high-pressure. Starting date is flexible. We will help you obtain a work visa, if necessary, but an in-person interview is required. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to: and Questions about the position should be directed to or his office phone #: 86-571-5683-2075 (8AM - 6PM Mon - Fri, China time)