MACS Curriculum (K-12 Teacher Track)

  First Year

Summer Program I in China (native Chinese speakers or students with near-native proficiency in Chinese may waive 6 credits and substitute two 3-credit topics classes.)

 CHST 501 Advanced Chinese I, CHST 502 Advanced Chinese II 

 6 cr

CHST 541 The Chinese Language

 3 cr

 CHST 590/690 Topic Class #1 (online) (Fall)

 3 cr

CHST 590/690 Topic Class #2 (online) (Spring)

 3 cr

Second Year

Summer Program II in China

CHST 520 Introduction to Chinese Literature (summer)

 3 cr

CHST 686 Chinese Language Based Internship (summer)

 3-6 cr

CHST 590/690 Topics Class #3 (fall)

 3 cr

CHST 590/690 Topics Class #4 (spring)

3 cr

 Third Year

Residential Summer at Valparaiso University or Master's Thesis (Non-residential): Choose One (7 required credits)

Research Project

3 cr

Master's Thesis

3-6 cr

Supervised Readings in Chinese

1-4 cr

Students may transfer up to 6 credits of approved graduate coursework into the program and will have their tuition reduced accordingly.

Summer Advanced Chinese Program

For K-12 Teacher Track students, the Summer Advanced Chinese Program serves three purposes: 1) to improve language proficiency for non-native Chinese speakers; 2) to take a number of courses such as the Survey of Chinese Literature class, which is taught primarily in Chinese; and 3) to engage in language-based internship opportunities. Summer I (required for all K-12 Teacher Track students except for native Chinese Speakers) focuses on the first objective. Summer II (required for all students) focuses on the last two goals.

Located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou (south of Shanghai), the Summer Advanced Chinese Program is a highly demanding, total-immersion program that involves extensive travel and interaction with local society and culture. To learn more about the Valparaiso University Summer Advanced Chinese Program, please visit here.

Online Topic Classes Available: (Graduate-level online courses offered through Valparaiso University Department of Education may also count towards topic electives.):

· Buddhism in China

· China and the West

· Christianity in China

· Communicative Foreign Language Teaching

· Contemporary China

· Introduction to Chinese Grammer

· Nature in Chinese Thought

· Survey of Chinese Literature

· Views of Human Development, Chinese & Western Perspectives

· Best Practice in Teaching Chinese at K - 12 Schools (1-credit course offered every semester)

· Chinese-English Translation


Second-year Chinese is required but will not count towards graduate credits.

Students enrolled in the program with less than two years of college Chinese are required to make up courses through either guided self-study in Chinese language or Chinese language courses offered near his/her hometown during spring or taking appropriate level of language courses on Valparaiso University campus.

Research Project