About the K-12 Teacher Track of the MACS Program

K-12 Teacher Track - Master of Arts in Chinese Studies (MACS) Program
Valparaiso University

Introduction: The K-12 Teacher Track is one the three tracks in the Master of Arts in Chinese Studies program offered at Valparaiso University. The Teacher Track provides a high quality, user-friendly, and affordable program to K-12 teachers who are currently Chinese language teachers or who are planning to add a Chinese language endorsement to their teaching license.

Program Format: The program is delivered in a convenient format so as to allow current or future K-12 teachers to earn the master’s degree without giving up their current positions.  This 37-credit program can be completed by most participants in less than three years. The curriculum has three major components:

  1. Summer Immersion Programs in Hangzhou, China. Students enroll in either one or two summer programs in China, depending on their level of language proficiency. For those who are native Chinese speakers or those who are high achievers in Chinese language and can pass new HSK level four or above, one summer of study in China is required. For all others, two summers of study in China are required. The summer program is usually six weeks in length, carries 8-9 credits, and is located in beautiful Hangzhou, China. Participants receive international travel assistance and a summer tuition discount.
  2. Online Courses. The MACS Program offers a variety of online courses.  With their advisor’s approval, students may also choose from the graduate-level, online courses in other disciplines offered by Valparaiso University to use toward their degree. Students in the K-12 track normally take at least one 3-credit online course each semester, though up to 12 credits are allowed per semester.  Some examples of online courses offered through the MACS program include:
    • Buddhism in China
    • China and the West
    • Christianity in China
    • Communicative Foreign Language Teaching
    • Contemporary China
    • Education Policy in China
    • Introduction to Chinese Grammar
    • Nature in Chinese Thought
    • Survey of Chinese Literature
    • Views of Human Development, Chinese and Western Perspectives
    • Best Practice in Teaching Chinese at K-12 Schools (1-credit course offered every semester)
    • Chinese-English Translation
    • Classical Chinese Literature (under development)
    • History of Chinese Language (under development)
    • Chinese Phonics (under development)

  3. Optional Courses.  Student may choose to enroll in an optional residential summer at Valparaiso University or complete a master’s thesis at the end of their degree program and supervised by one of the MACS Program faculty members.

Note: If a student in the program is a native Chinese speaker or has near native-level proficiency of Chinese language and has successfully passed HSK Level 6, he/she can petition to waive six of the 37 credits required for the degree.

Scholarships: The Program offers generous scholarships for those who qualify. The scholarship is awarded in the form of a percentage (20-40%) of the normal tuition and is good throughout the program, assuming an awardee maintains good standing (GPA 3.0/4.0) in the program.

Maximum Enrollment: The Program currently enrolls 14 students and has the maximum capacity of 30 students. Current students are from the following states: New York, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, and California

Application Requirements: All applicants must have valid teaching license at time of application unless their school employer does not require a teaching license. All applicants must also have studied at least one year of Chinese at the college level, or its equivalent. Upon receipt of the student’s completed application, a phone interview will be arranged with the Program Director to assess the language skill and academic interest of the applicants. The MACS Program has a rolling application process so admitted students can start the Program in fall, spring, or summer.

For an application package, including program and scholarship application forms, please visit (http://www.valpo.edu/grad/apply/index.php). For questions concerning the applications, please contact Dustin Jesch (dustin.jesch@valpo.edu). For questions about the Program and how it may fit your career goal, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Zhimin Lin, (Zhimin.lin@valpo.edu).