Anthony Lance
lanceMy name is Anthony Lance, I graduated in May 2006 with my undergrad in International Business and Chinese Studies from Valparaiso University. Although I also studied a little Chinese in High School, most of my Chinese language skills before starting the MACS program came from the three years that I studied Chinese at VU. My goal is to become a valuable international business person with China and one day to work as a cross-cultural consultant.

After three trips to different places in China and two business internships, I realized that in order to be truly successful as a business person in China, one needs to be fluent in the language, and in order to understand the Chinese culture, one needs to understand Chinese history, politics and language. Since after graduation I was still not satisfied with my knowledge of these things, I decided to look into the MACS program. So far, the MACS program has been just what I hoped. I have been challenged to learn Chinese not just from a text book but from Chinese daily news, Chinese newspapers, and Chinese movies. I know that when I graduate from the MACS program I will have a much higher level of Chinese and a greater understanding of China itself.