Michael Williams

WilliamsMichael Williams has been studying Chinese for four years. The first year he studied Mandarin in Chengdu, China. This city is known as the home of the Giant Panda. The second year he went on to pursue his studies at Peking University in Beijing.

During these two years Michael worked as an English Second Language Instructor in both the private and the public sector. Since then he has participated twice in Valparaiso University’s Summer Intensive Mandarin Studies Program as a graduate student. During the second trip he also completed an internship in international commerce. He is currently working on getting his TESOL Certificate in order to prepare him to be a better language instructor.

Michael is currently applying to Graduate schools as a PhD candidate and hopes one day to become a professor in order to share his love of language and culture. In addition to Mandarin, Michael has studied Japanese and Hindi. In his spare time he loves to play board games, repair gadgets that are broken, ride his bicycle, and read books. He is thoroughly enjoying his time at Valparaiso University.