Georgia Pham

Georgia PhamHi! I’m Georgia. My interest in Chinese started when I first saw a Chinese serial based on Journey to the West at the age of eight. There was fighting, magic, morals, and a monkey flying on a cloud and it was all olled into this one serial, all things that would capture a kid’s attention, right? When I started college, there was an opportunity to take Chinese, and on a whim I decided to take it. I absolutely loved learning how to write in Chinese and I stuck with it because my first year Chinese professor was pretty fantastic. I was able to study abroad in China my junior year during the spring semester. That semester, my classmates and I were able to go a variety of places including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. It was fascinating to see how each place had its own flavor and lifestyle so different from the next but all together still made up China. Can you guess what my major ended up being? Chinese language and literature, of course! I spent this past summer in Hangzhou. It was a really different experience getting used to the Southern accent and the weather. I got to visit so many other places such as Huang Shan (absolutely beautiful, like a scene straight from a movie with mountains hidden by mist and wispy clouds), which gave me an even more complete view of all of China’s different environments. One of my favorite aspects of the program was he culture classes. The classes provided a mix of information on traditional customs and modern trends, which I felt were very useful. After finishing my degree here, I hope to be able to return to China and continue to improve my Chinese. I want my skills in Chinese to be awesome or as close to the fluency of a native person’s ability as possible, which means I still have a ton of work ahead of me. I’m interested in jobs where I’ll be able to work and interact with lots of people as well as use my Chinese.