Daniel Hoyle

Daniel HoyleHello. My name is Daniel Hoyle, or 侯振德。I began my study of Mandarin Chinese in 2002. After graduating from high school I volunteered to be a missionary for my church for two years. I was tasked to be a missionary in southern Taiwan and to learn Mandarin Chinese. That was a bit different from the Spanish that I had been learning as a high school student. It was during this time that I gained my first love of the Chinese language and culture. I think my feelings are expressed by the quote from Orville Schell:  "China is one of those places where, once you get stuck on it--or it on you--it's not easy to detach."  I returned to the United States where I began my undergraduate study at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I majored in Political Science with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. I also worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in the Chinese Department, grading papers and tutoring students who were enrolled in Chinese classes.  There was still a small hole in me. I had not yet had the chance to visit the mainland. I wanted to continue my study of the Chinese language as well. One of my professors recommended the MACS program at Valparaiso University. After weighing my options, I knew this was the place to be. I have enjoyed every facet of the program so far. The time in China was great, and the time back in the United States is adding to my knowledge of the language and history of China. I love being so involved and feel like I am gaining a lot here.   After graduating, my original plan was to look into the intelligence field. However, my time as a tutor has also opened an interest in teaching. I definitely want to use my language, and learn others. I am excited for the future.