Richard Huckabee

Richard HuckabeeMy name is R. Cameron Huckabee. I am 22 years old and come from Cincinnati Ohio. I have been studying Chinese for about four years now. I started studying Chinese when I was a sophomore at Miami University of Ohio. Also, during that time I got the opportunity to study Chinese for 10 weeks during the summer of 2008 in Beijing at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

I originally began studying Chinese so that I could use the Chinese Language to talk with people about religion and specifically Christianity.  One of my favorite topics of study is Christianity in modern China. During my time at Miami University I got the opportunity to extensively study this topic. Thus, I choose to come to Valparaiso because this University is one of the few which host faculty who are currently researching the topic of Christianity in China. Another reason I choose this program is because they include studying in China as a part of the Masters Program. I know the only way to increase my Chinese language level is to constantly use Chinese. Therefore, my desire is to spend lot of time in China to give myself an opportunity to do so.

After graduating from the Master of Arts in Chinese Studies program I plan to return to China and enroll in a PhD program. I wish to do this in order learn more about Chinese culture while at the same time continue increasing my Chinese ability. After my schooling is over, my end goal is to become a Foreign Service Officer. I feel Valparaiso’s MACS program is a good way to increase your Chinese ability.  Valparaiso isn’t perfect but, if you are motivated the MACS program will give you the tools necessary to become extremely function in your use of Chinese.