Language Tutoring

One of the popular features of the Chinese and Japanese Studies Program at Valpo is the language tutoring program. Each semester and for students taking language courses in both Chinese and Japanese, the CJS program arranges for native speakers to server as drill instructors with small group of students or even individual students for one hour per week. These drill/tutoring sessions are an integral part of the language curriculum because they 1) give the students ample time to repeat critical components of the course materials; 2) allow the drill instructors to monitor and assist language needs of each and every students face to face; and 3) provide an opportunity for the students to have in-depth exchanges with native speakers on issues of mutual concern.

The results of the drill/tutoring sessions are carefully recorded and shared with the instructors who in turn use them in adjusting focuses of language teaching to maximize the progress the students can make.

The drill instructor for all Japanese classes for 2010-2011 is Ms. Kaori Naka and Rumi Mitsubayashi, our Japan Outreach Coordinator. The tutors for Chinese classes for 2010-2011 are Wuyan Dai, Daniel Hoyle, Huiyan Liu, Lizhi Qiu, Ting Xu, Jiazhou Yan.