Summer Camp

Program Overview

Group of Students

Valparaiso University (Valpo) invites current Chinese college students to participate in its annual Summer Program for Chinese College Students (hereafter 2008 SPCCS) from July 3 to 30, 2008. This three and one-half week (27 days) program will allow the participating Chinese college students to better understand American cultural and society and significantly improve their English skills through a two-credit course and numerous interactive activities while having the opportunity to tour Chicago, the third largest city and economic center of the US, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

Valparaiso University invites interested Chinese colleges to organize their students to participate in the 2008 SPCCS. For every 12 students they send to the 2008 SPCCS, a Chinese college can send one of its faculty/staff to take part in the program for free (except passport and visa-related fees). For more details of the program or to express interest in the program, please contact: Professor Zhimin Lin, Director, China Center, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 46383, USA, (219) 464-5749,

  1. Enrollment

    Participants must be current Chinese college students enrolled in a government-approved college with a solid academic record and in good health. The total enrollment of the 2008 SPCCS is limited to 60.

  2. Cost

    The 2008 SPCCS cost is based on two components.

    • The program fee is RMB 20,500 yuan. The fee includes tuition, room and board, and group tours organized by Valparaiso University. The fee does not include passport and US entry visa fees. There will be a non-refundable RMB 1,000 yuan application fee (which will be deducted from the final payment) upon submitting the application materials.

    • The actual cost of international airfare between Shanghai and Chicago. While the actual prices may vary, it is estimated that the airfare with be between RMB9,000 and 11,000 yuan./li>

    The total cost (depending on the actual international airfare) is thus between RMB 29,500 and 31,500 yuan per participant.

  3. Applications

    Current Chinese college students can apply directly to Valparaiso University or through sponsoring Chinese colleges. They must complete the application forms, a personal essay, submit a letter of recommendations, copy of college transcript, and a non-refundable application fee of RMB 1,000 yuan.

    The deadline to apply for the 2008 SPCCS is March 31, 2008. Valparaiso University will issue acceptance letter and documents for applying US entry visa (F-1 for all student participants and J-1 for all personnel of sponsoring Chinese colleges) to qualified applicants no later than April 1. All participants (including personnel sent by sponsoring Chinese colleges) must obtain US entry visa no later than May 25, 2008. Program fee (minus the 1,000 yuan application fee) and the actual international airfare are due by May 31. International plane tickets will be issued before June 10, 2008.

    Cancellation after June 10 will result in penalty equal to the penalty charged by the airlines for flight cancellations.

  4. Basic Schedule and Itinerary

    July 3: All participants of the 2008 SPCCS will leave from Shanghai to Chicago (they will arrive at Valpo on the same day)

    July 4: Activities associated with the Independence Day

    July 5-17: First half of classes and visits of local attractions and Chicago

    July 18-20: A two-nights and three-days visit to Washington DC

    July 21-25: Second half of classes and local visits

    July 26-28: Flight to and tours of Los Angeles and area attractions

    July 29: Departure from Los Angeles to Shanghai

    July 30: Arrival at Shanghai

  5. Courses/Certificate/Credits

    The 2008 SPCCS features a 2-credit Valparaiso University undergraduate course (ENGL390, American Literature and Culture), a series of lectures on US business, education, psychology, and culture, and the options of sitting in various Valparaiso University summer courses offered in the evenings during the period of the 2008 SPCCS. Participants who successfully completed the entire program and passed the course (ENGL390) will receive a formal certificate and two undergraduate credits from Valparaiso University.

    For more information of Valparaiso University, please visit For more information or questions of the 2008 SPCCS, contact Dr. Lin (