Admission to Christ College

Professor Schwehn Advising studentsYour admission to Valparaiso University marks the beginning of a challenging, fulfilling academic career that will build knowledge and character extending far beyond your college years. Admission to Christ College takes all that Valparaiso University offers and raises the caliber of the curriculum, and the bar of excellence, to levels that all Christ College students are expected to uphold. 

Invitations to apply to Christ College are extended in late fall and spring of your senior year in high school. With an emphasis on students with a solid, well-rounded high school career, your invitation to Christ College is dependent, in large part, on the following criteria:

  • Excellent high school record in challenging courses
  • Strong SAT or ACT scores
  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Leadership in extracurricular activities
  • Willingness and strong desire to challenge, analyze, and scrutinize ideas and beliefs

Eighty-five to ninety freshman students are accepted for membership into Christ College each year. Once enrolled, members must maintain a strong record of academic performance in both Christ College and Valparaiso University.