Christ College FAQs

Professor with students Honors in College—The Basics
What are the advantages of being in Christ College? Does participation in honors really matter at college?
What is an honors college, and how does it differ from an honors program?
What is “interdisciplinary” about Christ College?
Will participation in Christ College lower my grades or jeopardize my scholarship? 
How do I know if CC is right for me?

NCURHow Does Christ College Work?
How will Christ College studies fit with my major?
Will I take only honors courses? / How much time does CC take?
How much time does a student put into CC coursework as a freshman? As an upperclassman?
How much writing is there in the Freshman Program? 
How will my AP or transfer credit be applied?
How about international study and Christ College?
What opportunities do CC students have on campus that they wouldn't’t have otherwise?
What role does religion play in Christ College? 
Can I leave Christ College without penalty? 


Bowling at NCURChrist College Student Life
How many students are in Christ College?
Do CC students have time for music, athletics, and other activities?
What do CC students do for fun?
Is there separate housing for Christ College students?