Mueller Hall, Home of Christ College

Mueller HallOn April 26, 1970, Valparaiso University dedicated the newly constructed Christ College building at a special worship service at the Chapel of the Resurrection.
 The construction of Christ College was made possible by a generous gift to the University from the Reverend Ewald H. Mueller and Mrs. Joan Mueller in 1967. The Christ College building was named Ewald H. Mueller Hall by the Board of Directors in 1978. (The name Mueller is pronounced “Mull-er.”)

Mueller Hall was designed by architect Herman H. Bouman of New Jersey. Bouman’s instructions were to design a building “on the model of a British college which would provide a setting for learning on a very personal scale, contrary to the prevailing practice at many large universities where mass and impersonal education has given rise to a great deal of student dissatisfaction.”  The result of Bouman’s work is a building that expresses such an ideal through numerous small seminar and lecture rooms, an attractive commons space with fireplace and an art gallery, quiet corners for reading and conversation, a multi-purpose space called the Refectory, and readily accessible faculty offices.

As our academic year begins Christ College continues providing superb honors education to more than 300 Valparaiso University students. Mueller Hall remains a comfortable, welcoming, and attractive place to learn. With a wireless network and state of the art classroom technologies, Mueller Hall offers the best in twenty first century learning environments.