Christ College Student Life

Christ College Student Life

How many students are in Christ College?
CC enrolls 90 first-year students each fall. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors total about 320. A student steering committee of about 20 students helps plan CC events.

Do CC students have time for music, athletics, and other activities?Zach King and Laura Edlin look over their comic book
Absolutely. Without exception Christ College students are active on campus. You’ll have time to participate in music, theatre, dance, athletics (including NCAA Division I sports), student publications or government, social action groups, religious life, or other activities. In fact CC students are among the most dedicated student leaders and volunteers at Valpo. Your CC courses won’t conflict.

What do CC students do for fun?
College life, of course, is not all studying. CC students join the fun of all Valpo’s activities, events, and organizations. CC also offers special trips, a series of stimulating speakers, picnics, a fun-filled Christmas Symposium, the CC Senior Banquet, frequent dessert receptions, CC Cinema each week, occasional game nights, dinners at faculty homes, picnics to name just a few activities!

CC Students in Japan 

Is there separate housing for Christ College students?
Many CC freshmen elect to have CC roommates. (We encourage this--just check a box on your housing form.) Upperclass students may apply for housing in the University's honors living-learning community, located in Guild-Memorial Halls.