NCUR - The National Conference on Undergraduate Research

NCUR 2009Since 2002 more than 170 Christ College students have had their undergraduate research selected for presentation at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), the largest, most competitive, and most prestigious venue for undergraduate scholarship in the United States. Generous contributions of alumni and friends to the Christ College Dean's Annual Fund makes possible travel to NCUR conference sites such as Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Asheville N.C., Salt Lake City, and the San Francisco Bay area.  

NCUR 2015

Christ College 2014 NCUR Participants at University of Kentucky:


Evan Arcenaux ‘16 - "“C'est l'Ennui:” T.S. Eliot's Revival of Baudelaire's Ennui in The Waste Land"

Sarah Fingerle '14 - “Weather as Science and Literature”

Kelsey Loden '14 - “Galectin-1 and H-Ras mediate intermediate filament abnormalities in Giant Axonal Neuropathy”

William Scupham - “Godly Brutality: The Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland, 1649-1650”

Bethany Wiersma '16 - “Mechanical Love: Objectification, Emptiness, and Potential for Change in The Waste Land

Ruyue Yuan '15 - "“You Have Been God's Grace to Me:” The Presence of Agape and Grace outside Christianity in Marilynne Robinson's Gilead"