Student Scholarship Symposium

Laura EhlenThe annual Christ College Student Scholarship Symposium features analytical, critical, creative, and research projects by current Christ College students. Papers in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the arts are selected by a committee of Christ College students from anonymous abstracts. Authors present their papers and respond to questions from the audience. Recent presentations include:

Debunking the Myths of Masculinity: George Eliot's Critique of Victorian Masculinities via Edward Casaubon of Middlemarch by Sophomore Jazmine Reyes, spring 2011

Kolleena Ensan: Samira Said's Music as an Interpretation of Moroccan Women's Cultural Identity by Sophomore Halina Hopkins, spring 2011

Redeeming the Underground Man: Writing as a Vehicle of Redemption in Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground by Senior Ciara Reyes, Biology Major, fall 2010

The Changing of Chinese Medicine: Interlacing TCM with Western Politics by Junior Krista Schaefer, Mathamatics Major, fall 2010

"The Song of Lincoln: Walt Whitman's Memory of Abraham Lincoln as Soldier Martyr" by Sophomore Laura Ehlen, College of Arts and Sciences, spring 2010

"Wearable Justice?: Selling Social Justice in the 21st Century" by Sophomore Nick Derda, College of Arts and Sciences, spring 2010Nick Derda

"Donor Assisted Fertilization: Consumerism and Parent-Child Relationships" by Senior Molly Reynolds, Spanish and international service major, fall 2009

"Reawakening to an Everyday Sublime at Walden Pond and Lake Michigan" by John Linstrom, English and humanities major, fall 2009

 "A Modern Myth: The Story Behind Columbus and the Flat Earth" by Senior Steven Molnar, geography and music performance major, spring 2009

 "Insight from the Ancients: The New Monasticism and its Challenge to the Contemporary American Church" by Junior James Strasburg, history major, spring 2009

"All-American Girls Playing the All-American Game: Understanding American Identity throught the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (1943-1954)" by Ruth Moberg Foster, History major, fall 2008


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