CC 300 BX - World Cinema: Latin America

3 Credits
Professor Lutze
MWF 9:00-9:50 am & T 6:40-9:15pm
Cross-listed with COMM 291X
Fulfills humanities fine arts requirement or partially fulfills cultural diversity requirement.

The cinemas of Latin America offer a varied and vibrant tradition of filmmaking that reflects the diversity and richness of Latin American cultures. These films not only present challenges and alternatives to the dominant model of classical Hollywood film production, they also vary greatly from one another in terms of style, subject matter and world view. Each week we will view a complete feature film, supplemented by numerous film clips and informed by a range of readings from both primary and secondary sources. Students will learn basic concepts and techniques of film analysis and employ them in the examination of these key Latin American films. This analysis will view these motion pictures as works of art and also as indigenous social, economic and cultural products that emerge with difficulty in a market saturated with mainstream Hollywood entertainment products.