CC 300 BX - Christians in Nazi Germany
3 Credits
MWF 10:30-11:20 am - Professor Becker
Cross-listed with THEO 329 AX 
Fulfills upper level theology requirement.

CC300DX/Theology 329AX (Christians in Nazi Germany) [MWF 10:30-11:20am; MUH 113]: More than sixty years after its destruction, Nazi Germany continues to be a topic of interest to both historians and the public at large. Of particular concern are the actions of Christians in Germany during the so-called Third Reich. This course examines those actions. Participants will explore pre-1914 Germany, the role of anti-Semitism in German society, World War I and the experience of defeat, church/state controversies during the Weimar Republic, the German Christian movement, the Confessing Church movement, congregations and state churches in the Nazi state, and the Holocaust. Significant attention will be given to several representative German Lutheran theologians and their actions and writings before, during, and shortly after the Nazi period. We will also examine the actions of Roman Catholic priests and popes during this period, as well as the actions of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement. We will watch and discuss several films and read two books. Course requirements include two exams and one ten-page essay on a topic related to the course.