CC 300 FX - Social Gospel in American Life
3 Credits
TR 3:00-4:15 pm - Professor Carter
Fulfills upper level Theology requirement and humanities history requirement.
Cross-listed with HIST 492 AX and THEO 329 CX

Over the course of the last two centuries many American Christians have sought to apply the gospel to the most pressing problems of their day. Believing that sin infects not only persons but also systems and structures, they have set out to save not just individual souls but also the whole of society. In this class students will be introduced to a wide array of social gospelers, including abolitionists, trade unionists, socialists, temperance workers, Civil Rights activists, immigration advocates, environmental protectionists, and more. As we move chronologically from the early-nineteenth century to the present, we shall see that women and men, rich and poor, Catholics and Protestants, African Americans, Latinos, and more have all contributed to this Social Gospel tradition. We will spend most of our time immersed in primary documents, trying to understand how social gospelers have practiced and what they have preached. But we will also attend throughout to historical contexts, with an eye especially toward understanding the larger impact that social gospels have had on the modern United States.