CC 300 HX - The London Stage (London - Spring Break 2014)
3 Credits
TBA - Professor Orchard
Cross-listed with THTR 390 DX

Come travel to England with theatre professor Dr. Lee Orchard and learn about some of the most exciting plays currently being performed on the London stage. Dr. Orchard has taught this study abroad course for many years and has developed a class that features daily trips to the theatre, including playhouses on the West End, the Royal National Theatre, pub and fringe theatres, the Globe, and Stratford-on-Avon. Programmed activities consist of play attendance, classroom discussion, and field trips to theatre and non-theatre related sites (such as the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, the Museum of London, etc.).  Student evaluation will be based upon participation, a 5-7 page paper, and a class presentation.  The program fee (first deposit due by November 15) includes airfare, all ground transportation, lodging, breakfasts, field trips, and ticket costs. Contact Dr. Lee Orchard, chair of the theatre department, for further details.