Freshman Production

Freshman Production 2012The Christ College Freshman Program is a two-semester sequence of interdisciplinary honors courses titled Texts and Contexts: Traditions of Human Thought. Throughout the course students read selected great works of history, literature, drama, philosophy, and religion and consider closely the ideas that have shaped a range of traditions. Ideas are explored in many ways--through critical reading and close analysis of texts; through careful research and focused expository and persuasive writing; through scholarly lectures, faculty-guided small group discussion among classmates, and formal public debate; and through creative dramatic and musical expression.

Freshman Production 2012This last means of exploration -- creative dramatic and musical expression -- is guided and molded during the fall semester in the weekly Freshman Program Drama Workshop. In just ten weeks of intense collaboration, the students who make up the honors college freshman class write, stage, and perform an original 90-minute theatre piece with music based on ideas and themes encountered in Texts and Contexts. The Christ College Freshman Production is performed for the campus community and the public in mid-November each year.