International Opportunities/Study Abroad

Students in JapanAround the World or Armchair Travel… For Honors Credit!

Christ College students earn honors academic credit for study abroad in any of Valparaiso University’s international programs. Christ College seminars have been offered in Germany, England, and China in the past few years, and on-campus courses have included global topics such as Japanese Visual Culture, African Politics and Literature, Classic Chinese Novels, Muslim-Christian Relations, The German Reformation, Dostoevsky’s World, Cross-Cultural Analysis: Japan/China, and Media and the Culture of East Asia. Specific examples of on- and off-campus opportunities include the following learning experiences:

West Meets Far East

In the Christ College Freshman Program, students compare classical Western texts by Aristotle, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, and other influential thinkers with important Chinese writers such as Mencius and Chuang-Tzu. In upper-level courses, contemporary issues such as globalization are regularly addressed.

Valparaiso student helping in Nicaragua at clinicHands-On Experience in Central America

Christ College funds spring break travel to Central America for students who choose service learning programs in healthcare and education.  Pre-medical arts and nursing students work alongside professionals in rural and urban clinical healthcare sites.  Students in all majors who enjoy tutoring have opportunities to work with children in Nicaraguan schools with teachers as guides.

Christ College students can travel abroad! For information on additional Study Abroad Opportunities click here!