The Masterworks Program at Christ College
Great Books. Great Conversations.

Masterworks Program Program Description
The Masterworks Program at Christ College, sponsored by Valparaiso University’s interdisciplinary honors college as well as the Graduate School, offers continuing education opportunities for members of the larger Valparaiso community.  The program consists of a two-semester sequence of courses in the “Great Books” tradition, pioneered at places such as the University of Chicago and Columbia University.  Upon completion of this two-semester sequence, students will earn a certificate from Christ College, and will be invited to take part in topics seminars that focus on particular authors or themes, such as Jane Austen or modern poetry. Classes meet weekly for 1.5 hours and have the option of being taken for personal enrichment, continuing education, or graduate credit. Click here for complete course description. 

Information for Fall 2015

The program began in fall 2014, and this fall, interested community members have the opportunity to sign up for the “Masterworks I” course (which surveys great texts from ancient Greece to the Renaissance) or a special seminar on Dante (which will consider all three portions of his epic Divine Comedy).  At present, there are two available sections of “Masterworks I”: one meets on Wednesday evenings from 6-7.30pm, and the other meets on Saturday mornings from 9-10.30am.  The Masterworks Dante seminar meets on Saturday mornings from 10.45am-12.15pm.  In addition to these weekly class meetings, Masterworks participants are invited to attend Christ College’s Symposia.  (Please note that new and continuing Masterworks participants are welcome to take part in either or both of these class offerings. Ideally, participants will enroll in Masterworks I and II before participating in [or while concurrently taking] a topics seminar, but we understand that this arrangement may not work for everyone.)

Classes may be taken for personal enrichment, continuing education, or graduate credit.  For those interested in personal enrichment or the continuing education option (which awards CEUs, or continuing education units), a single course costs $295, and both courses may be taken concurrently for a reduced cost of $495.  For those interested in pursuing a course for graduate credit, the course price is determined by the graduate school’s set rate.  

Regardless of participants’ individual goals and motivations, though, this program offers intellectual engagement and lively discussions in the tradition of Christ College’s intimate seminars.  We hope you’ll consider joining and contributing to this dynamic community, built around great books and great conversations.

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For more information email the program coordinator here.