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Give to CC LinkKathryn Kattalia presenting The intellectual growth and achievements that Christ College students experience during their time at Valparaiso University are directly attributable to the special opportunities provided by contributions to the Dean’s Annual Fund. Such support allows students to grow and prosper through enriching experiences such as presenting their research at nationally competitive venues like the National Conference.

Professor and students in CommonsThe support of alumni and friends also fosters the special atmosphere of personal attention and mentoring that shapes faculty-student relationships in CC. Without the Dean's Annual Fund we simply could not compete for the level of talent and devotion that we now see all around us. The unique atmosphere and strong community of Christ College helps attract supremely talented faculty and students. But it requires resources and support for things like course development and research and faculty seminars to keep them here and enable them to flourish.
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The Christ College Dean’s Annual Fund was established in 1999. Its success continues to demonstrate the allegiance and generosity of Christ College graduates to Valparaiso University and to their honors college. Alumni who contribute to the CCDAF are listed by class year (rather than by giving level) in The Spillikin.
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Every dollar that you contribute to the Dean’s Annual Fund goes directly to support programs like the Freshman Production, the Symposium speaker series, student scholarship, or faculty development. We hope that you will make a contribution to the CC Dean’s Annual Fund—even a small gift can make a big difference.
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