2008-2010 Lilly Fellows

Susanna ChildressSusanna Childress earned dual degrees in Writing and English Literature from Indiana Wesleyan University. She received a Master's in Creative Writing/Poetry from The University of Texas at Austin, where she was awarded a thesis fellowship from the James Michener Center for Writers; her first volume of poetry, Jagged with Love, published by the University of Wisconsin, was an exploration of human portraiture and sundry relational complexities. Childress graduated in April of 2007 from Florida State University with a PhD in English/Creative Writing. Her major field is Poetry as a Genre, with Medieval and Early Modern Women's Writing as her minor field. Her creative dissertation, "Hyssop", draws on Mary Sidney Herbert's Psalter to investigate hyssop as a means of cleansing and resilience in matters of familial and political tension.

Karin Fransen
Karin Fransen
earned a B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy from Gordon College, an M.A. and M.Phil., and Ph. D. in Philosophy from Yale University. Fransen specializes in ethical theory, and her dissertation, "Take All My Guilt Away: The Transformative Project and Promise of Forgiveness," looks at how the objective moral guilt of a wrongdoer is affected when she is forgiven by the person she wronged.

Sam GraberSamuel Graber earned his B.A. from Saint Olaf College in English and American Studies, an M.A.R. from Yale Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in American Studies from The University of Iowa. Graber's research and teaching interests include nineteenth-century American literature and culture, transatlantic studies, national memory, and religion. His dissertation, "Twice-Divided Nation: the Civil War and National Memory in the Transatlantic World" explores how transatlantic communication and Anglo-American relations affected the early cultural representation and commemoration of the American Civil War.

 2009 - 2011 Lilly Fellows

Jason Crawford

Jason Crawford earned his bachelor's degree in English and philosophy at Louisiana State University and a PhD in English at Harvard University. He has taught courses on Shakespeare, the early modern lyric, medieval witchcraft and demonology, and allegory. His doctoral dissertation, "Personification and its Discontents," explores the decay of allegory in English poetry from the 14th to the 17th centuries.

Linn Tonstad 

Linn Tonstad earned her bachelor's degree from La Sierra University and a master's degree in philosophy of religion from Yale Divinity School. She received her PhD in theology from the Department of Religious Studies at Yale University, writing her dissertation on "Trinity, hierarchy, and difference: Mapping the Christian imaginary," which examines the Trinitarian relations of origin in the thought of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Wolfhart Pannenber.

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