Prospective Students

Professor Smith with students As a student who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, it’s not enough for you to understand “what.” You want to know “how,” “why,” and probably “why not?” If this instinct to go beyond “the facts” is representative of your attitude toward education and life in general, then Christ College is the perfect place to pursue the answers to questions produced by your ever-inquiring mind.

Your journey through Christ College begins with a two-semester sequence of courses entitled “Texts and Contexts: Traditions of Human Thought.” Participation in this exciting program, and in other Christ College courses you select, does not mean that you will have more work than other Valparaiso University students: it means that you will explore a different kind of work.

Mueller Hall CommonsBased on timeless texts of literature, history, philosophy, and religion, Christ College invites you to explore and interpret great texts and ideas in ways that go beyond “traditional” teaching. Critical reading. Close analysis of texts. Careful research. Focused expository and persuasive writing. Faculty-guided small discussion classes. Public debates on important contemporary issues. Creative dramatic and musical expression.

Innovative, exciting, and highly effective, the Christ College educational philosophy emphasizes the importance of discovering your personal freedom and the empowerment to choose the methods of learning that work best for you. You will be surrounded by a community of thoughtful classmates and faculty who care about learning as much as you do.

Professor Prough teachingFrom your freshman year through your graduation with Christ College honors, you will challenge your mind. And by continually defining and refining your critical areas of interpretation and judgment, you will honor your intellect!

Admission to Christ College

The process of admission to Christ College begins with application and acceptance to Valparaiso University. Invitations to apply to Christ College are extended to admitted VU students in the fall and early spring of the high school senior year. Approximately seventy-five to eighty-five freshman students enter Christ College each fall. Invitations to Christ College are based on:

  • Excellent high school record in challenging courses
  • Strong SAT or ACT scores
  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Leadership in extracurricular activities
  • Willingness and strong desire to challenge, analyze, and scrutinize ideas and beliefs.

Acceptances into Christ College are sent beginning about November 1, and are issued on a rolling basis. Acceptance guarantees a place in the entering class. Invited and admitted students are encouraged to attend a special Honor Student Visit Day in February, or to visit Christ College at any time.