CC Event Galleries
 CC 2010 Picnic
Christ College Picnic - To start the school year students have a chance to meet new students and connect with friends and professors that they haven't seen during the summer.
 2011 Tug of War Tug of War - An informal competition that concludes with pizza. Game night, Faculty Talk and CC Coffee Shop are other informal gatherings that take place during the school year. 
 NCUR 2011 National Conference on Undergraduate Research - Students present their undergraduate research at NCUR and other research forums. 
 Freshman Debates Freshman Debates -  Held each spring as part of the CC Freshman Program, the debates are the culmination of the honors college's first-year students' research.
 Freshman Production Freshman Production - Is performed for the campus community and the public in mid-November each year.
Peter Schmalz  Senior Banquet - In the spring Christ College honors graduating seniors.