Lot'O Shakespeare

On Monday, October 13, actor Tim Mooney will present his solo performance “Lot’O Shakespeare” in the University Theatre, Valparaiso Center for the Arts, at8pm; free of charge.

In this performance, Mooney brings new energy to Shakespeare’s classics by performing the bard’s most famous characters by lottery (lot’o for short). Monologues are drawn from a cage of balls labeled with the titles of Shakespeare’s plays, as the audience fills in its Iago (bingo)cards, making it a winning evening for all. 

An accomplished Chicago actor and director best known for his work with the Script Review and Stage Two Theatre, Mooney is adept at making literary works accessible for audiences around the world. His adaptations of Moliere have been recognized by both the Scottish Community Drama Association National Festival and the Sanremo Global Education Festival.

 “Lot’O Shakespeare” serves as a precursor to the university’s second annual Shakespeare Week at Valpo, sponsored by Christ College in collaboration with the departments of Theatre and English. From February 2-7, the university will bring in Actors From The London Stage to the Valpo campus for a week of classroom visits, workshops, and Shakespeare-oriented events, culminating in three performances ofMacbeth.

For more information, call Kari-Anne Innes at 219-464-6843.