20150817 JLH Janet Brown-004

Janet Brown
Dean and Professor, College of Nursing and Health Professions


Julie Koch
Assistant Dean of Graduate Nursing, Assistant Professor of Nursing

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Joseph Zaweski
Assistant Dean and Program Director for Physician Assistant Program
Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies

20150902 JLH Suzanne Zentz-002

Suzanne Zentz
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Nursing, Associate Professor, Coordinator RN-BSN Completion Program and RN-MSN Option


Sandra Bleza
Assistant Professor of Nursing


Thomas Blodgett
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20150902-JLH-Julie-Brandy Julie Brandy
Assistant Professor of Nursing


Christina Cavinder
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Photo by Jon L. Hendricks

Amy Cory
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20150805 JLH Jeffrey Coto-004 Jeffrey Coto
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20150902 JLH Candace Florence-005 Candace Florence
Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Care Leadership

S. Kim Genovese S. Kim Genovese
Associate Professor of Nursing

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600 Jamie El Harit
Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing


Theresa Kessler
Professor, Kreft Endowed Chair for the Advancement of Nursing Science

20150902 JLH Christine Kurtz-004

Christine Kurtz
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20150902 JLH Zheng Li-002 Zheng Li
Assistant Professor of Health Science

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600 Kelly Migler
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20141105 JLH Lindsay Munden-006 Lindsay Munden
Assistant Professor of Nursing


Antoinette Polito
Director of Didactic Education for Physician Assistant Program and Associate Professor for Physician Assistant Studies

20130408-Lynette-RaymanLynette Rayman
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Nursing

20150902 JLH Nola Schmidt-004Nola Schmidt
Professor of Nursing

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Constance Sheets
Assistant Professor of Nursing

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Cheryl Slack
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20141105 JLH Lauren Winkler-008

Lauren Winkler
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Photo by Jon L. Hendricks Joseph Zart
Assistant Professor of Nursing

20141001 JLH Janneal Gifford-001

Janneal Gifford
Academic Advisor

20130424-Natalie-Rivich Natalie Rivich
Coordinator of Academic Advising

20141001 JLH Bianca Villarruel-003

Bianca Villarruel
Academic Advisor

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600 Cynthia Felton
Clinical Coordinator of Nursing

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600 Julie Ault
Administrative Assistant

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600 Jodi Gass
Administrative Assistant for Physician Assistant Program

20141203 JLH Kerstin Koch-003

Kerstin Koch
Assistant Director of the Virtual Nursing Learning Center

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Gail Kost
Associate Professor, Director, Virtual Learning Center

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Patricia Reid
Administrative Assistant

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Ryan Singh
Program Coordinator

master_separated_flame_shield-450x600Karen Stacy
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

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