Digital Media

Few communication revolutions have been as significant as those that have occurred in just the last several years.  Distribution-based media (print publications, over-the-air radio and television) have all converted (or are converting) to digital delivery--either via the Internet or through cell phones and other digital media.  This revolution has not lessened the need for content; if anything, it has increased that need.  Valpo's Digital Media major thus focuses on both digital delivery and content.  Students create digital content in state-of-the-art video and audio production studios and editing labs, while at the same time learning the professional and legal requirements associated with digital content.  Students take courses in digital video and audio production and editing, the digital media industries, journalism, videography (camera principles), web design, and desktop publishing.  As with the Communication Major, the Digital Media Major is very flexible, allowing students to take courses, beyond those required, from anywhere in the department.