Master of Science in Digital Media
The Master of Science in Digital Media is a 37-credit program that prepares U.S. and international students having an undergraduate background in communications for successful careers in the field of digital media (video, audio, desktop publishing, and web technologies).

The program has as its goals the development of professionals who will be able to:
  • Explain and apply appropriate information technologies and employ methodologies to help individuals or organizations achieve their goals and objectives through use of digital media
  • Manage digital media resources of individuals or organizations
  • Anticipate the changing direction of digital media
  • Evaluate and communicate the likely utility of new technologies
  • Live and work as a contributing, well-rounded member of society through ethical application of digital media resources
In accomplishing these goals the program will:
  • Familiarize students with the technology/skills required to be sucessful in the field of digital media
  • Provide hands-on experience that culminates in a practical project
  • Enable students to integrate management skills and ethical perspectives into their study
  • Prepare students for employment in the field of Digital Media