Road to China: Chinese Language and Culture Classes Spring 2010

Confucius Institute PlaqueThe CIVU offers two types of classes: CIVU House classes and outreach programs. CIVU House classes are conducted in the CIVU House, and they are mainly as follows:

  • Chinese for Beginners

This is a fun filled introduction to the fascinating Chinese language. There are no pre-requisites. The intent of this 12-week course is to provide a basic introduction to speaking and reading Chinese. Your instructor will be native Chinese. You will focus on building a small vocabulary and learn how to read and write a few Chinese characters. The course tuition includes all materials for the course.

  • Conversational Chinese

This is a continuation of our Chinese for Beginners course. You will continue to increase your vocabulary and learn to have simple conversations in Chinese and to read and write some basic Chinese characters. You will learn how to ask for directions, talk about simple daily life tasks and be able to read a simple Chinese bus and train schedule.

  • Introduction to Chinese Culture

Welcome to the world of a fascinating culture of China. This program, which will be done in a series of discussion topics, focuses on explaining the history, traditions, and beliefs of the Chinese people. You do not need to speak Chinese to enjoy this program. All you need is an interest to learn about the fabled land along the Silk Road. Topics will include history, arts, Chinese cooking, travel, customs, and more.

  • Chinese for Children

This class will introduce children to the Chinese language. Basic words and sentence structures will be learned along with phrases and fun activities such as songs and puzzles. The intent is to make children familiar with a foreign language and to encourage them to learn more about China and Chinese culture.